Launch of Transformation of Taier’s Value-based Management Model Allocation Mechanism

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On July 23, with the convening of the “Production Frontline Staff Allocation Mechanism Transformation Kick-off Meeting”, the transformation of value-based management model allocation mechanism of Taier was officially launched.


As one of the core contents of value-based management model of Taier, the transformation of allocation mechanism is designed to clarify value orientation, motivate employees to be creative and competitive and realize comprehensive penetration, creation and matching of employee ability, salary and career development channel through more scientific, fair and competitive allocation mechanism transformation.

The “Production Frontline Staff Allocation Mechanism Transformation” will last for 5 months, which is the first stage of the entire value-based management model allocation mechanism transformation and is expected to be officially implemented at the end of December, with comprehensive adjustment from three modules of salary, working hours and skills identification.


The scene of the kick-off meeting: Yuan Tao, minister of the Human Resources Department, Feng Chunlan, director of the Production and Operation Center, as well as Zhu Changjiang, deputy director of the Technology Center, are making project introduction and implementation commitment, respectively.


Liu Guihua, vice president of the Group and director of human resources, stressed in the summary speech that the transformation of value-based management model is a significant transformation of the company and is also an all-round transformation to realize the company’s strategy and culture, realize employee value, company value and create core creative ability, competitiveness and development ability, which has a far-reaching influence on future development of the company. He required that all members shall actively participate in the construction of this project, be earnest and down-to-earth, work and pull together and overcome difficulties to ensure a complete success of the transformation.

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