TAIER: Accelerate Innovation and Advance Intelligent Manufacturing

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Special Issue 111 of Annual Focus on the Eight Session of the Fifth Executive Members (Enlarged) Meeting of China Iron and Steel Association published on China Metallurgical News on July 24, 2018


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Manufacturing industry is the cornerstone of modern industry; major industrialized developed countries of the world have set off a wave of “reindustrialization” and taken intelligent manufacturing as an important way for the revitalization of manufacturing industry. In 2015, China put forward the implementation of manufacturing power strategy and clearly proposed to take intelligent manufacturing as the main thrust of deep integration of informatization and industrialization, and intelligent manufacturing is becoming a new direction and new trend in the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry.

I. Exploration of intelligent manufacturing of Taier

Taier Group is a diversified enterprise group with the integration of intelligent metallurgical equipment, artificial intelligence and finance, and its subsidiary, Taier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, is one of the leading enterprises in equipment manufacturing field of the world’s metallurgical industry. Founded in 2001 and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010, the company is mainly engaged in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of complete metallurgical project, coil compactor, coiler and core components (industrial universal joint shaft, crowned teeth gear coupling, shearing blades, wear plates). As the traditional steel industry advances towards intelligence, greenness and informatization, it requires to produce green, environment-friendly and high-end steel products. However, intelligent steel production must be supported by intelligent metallurgical equipment, in this point, as a metallurgical equipment manufacturer, Taier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd needs to grasp the strategy for transformation and upgrading. In 2016, the company regarded intelligent metallurgical equipment as its core strategy and established an intelligent manufacturing research institute, thus opening the road to exploration of intelligent manufacturing. The company has completed overall planning of its intelligent manufacturing based on industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing model, combined with the characteristics of discrete manufacturing enterprises and management innovation of the company and by centering on “one foundation, twelve elements, three levels and three innovation directions”.


Intelligent Manufacturing Planning Model of Taier 

Intelligent manufacturing of Taier is based on “lean management” and follows the idea of “management + informatization”, that is, “management first”—to sort out the organization, process, system and indicator reporting system and develop various working standards and specifications by means of full value stream analysis, thus laying a good foundation for the implementation of informatization. Intelligent manufacturing of the company can be implemented in three stepsvisualization, digitization and intelligentization, and is designed to create three end-to-end processes: realize horizontal integration from supplier to customer through seamless integration of the full value chain; realize longitudinal penetration from design, production to service by taking product life cycle as the core; realize deep integration of information system and industrial system through device interconnection.

II. Intelligent manufacturing practice of Taier

In recent years, the company has been accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, accelerating the industrialization and information fusion and improving the overall level of intelligent manufacturing.

1. Deepen the transparency of system integration realization process

In 2015, the company fully implemented management informatization, opened up information flow, capital flow and logistics by deepening the application of various information systems like CRM, ERP, PDM, MES, OA and deep integration between systems, thus achieving transparency of the production process; the company also realized visualized status of personnel and equipment based on the Andon module, production module and workshop Kanban; information of the entire manufacturing process is entered into the system by assigning bar code to the materials, before product warehousing, material barcode and product nameplate barcode are converted, and its information is transferred to the nameplate barcode, after the product is launched or when the product is returned to the factory for repair, data of the entire production process can be traced according to the nameplate barcode, in this way, data management of product life cycle can be achieved, laying a solid foundation for the digital factory.

2. Product digitalization improves design efficiency

Taier explores digital design of product and shortens product delivery time. Taier emphasizes that centering on a series of activities to provide products and services to customers is the core of corporate value creation, and product data throughout the product life cycle is an asset for the company. Conventional coupling is the company’s hit product, which possesses the characteristics of discrete manufacturing industry of typical small batches, multiple varieties and more personalized needs. By standardized sorting of the product and technology, the company finally determined 7 modules, 8 structural forms and 173 specifications and established a digital model of demand, quotation, design and process links by making use of 3D design and simulation tools. The company realized automatic output of product drawings, multiple process routes and quality inspection items by developing a parametric design system. The technical preparation capacity is increased by 35% and the technical preparation cycle of product is shortened from 1-3 days to 4-6 hours, meanwhile, it can be ensured that there are multiple process routes in the system to support the requirements for flexible adjustment of manufacturing.

3. Equipment transformation improves the intelligent level of process

The company explores the digitalization and intelligentization of key process equipment and improves product quality. Welding is a special process and a key link of the quality of heavy-duty drive shaft products. In the exploration of digital project of heavy-duty drive shaft welding technology, the company controls welding deformation and reduces stress concentration by improving the groove type and heating equipment. The company realizes automatic tracking of welding position, closed-loop control of welding parameters, welding trajectory memory and welding parameter flexibility setting by using temperature, current, voltage and speed sensors and intelligent controllers, as well as special welding industrial control system. The company realizes real-time control and feedback of welding key parameters, thus ensuring welding quality. After equipment digitization is upgraded, the effect is obvious, the welds can meet the Class I inspection requirements specified in GB/T 11345, the time of single-pass welding is reduced by 40%, the time of whole-shaft welding is reduced by 25%, wire consumption is reduced by 15% and power consumption of welding is reduced by 20%.

4. Automated production unit improves production efficiency

The company explores automated production unit of produces and improves production efficiency. Based on product standardization, the company optimizes the existing equipment layout, establishes automated processing unit of common parts; network connection of lathe of the production line is realized through DNC system to collect the equipment status and process data in real time, and improve processing efficiency and transparency of the production process by integration with the MES system and analyzing equipment utilization rate. Forkhead part of the company’s main productuniversal joint shaft—is a typical common part, which is connected to 1 boring lathe, 1 vertical machining center, 2 lathes and 2 combined machining centers via the robotic ground rack to constitute a forkhead automated production unit and ensure product processing quality by one-time clamping with the accompanying tooling. The number of machine operators is reduced from 5 to 2, with 30% increase in production capacity and 20% increase in equipment utilization rate, and the planned scheduling accuracy is effectively improved.

5. Improve the intelligent and service levels of product

Intelligent product and service is the trend of future development of product. The product intelligent module developed by the company is used to realize real-time monitoring and collection of product operation data; meanwhile, a mathematical model of product operation and maintenance service is established with the help of product cloud service platform to realize automatic early warning of fault. By analyzing the big data of product monitoring, the company optimizes the mathematical model of product intelligent module, continuously improves the self-sensing and self-determination ability of products and provides users with more intimate and efficient services. In addition, the company has actively deployed and conducted strategic cooperation with domestic universities in the aspects of equipment operation status monitoring, product surface inspection to improve the intelligent and service levels of product.

III. Future Prospect

As one of the world’s leading companies in the field of equipment manufacturing of the metallurgical industry, Taier are strategically targeted to become a world-class advanced manufacturer of metallurgical intelligent equipment, general contracting service provider of equipment life cycle and solution provider of intelligent steel mill, and intelligent manufacturing is the only way for transformation of the company. In the future, the company will continue to promote intelligent upgrade of products, equipment, production and logistics, drive management with data, change the future with intelligence, promote business transformation of the company, meet customer demands and promote industry development.


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