Taier Hosts Commendation Conference for Outstanding Entrepreneurs

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 Taier Successfully Hosts Commendation Conference for Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Anhui Province in 2018, and Tai Zhengbiao, Chairman of Anhui Enterprise Credit Construction Conference, Delivers a Keynote Speech

“Commendation Conference for Outstanding Entrepreneurs in 2018 AND Enterprise Credit Construction Conference in Anhui Province” was held in Ma’anshan City on May 10. Taier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taier), Rotating President of Anhui Province Enterprise Federation and President Unit of Ma’anshan Enterprise (Entrepreneur) Federation, hosted the Conference and won the title of Credit Enterprise.

Totally more than 350 people attended the Conference including Wu Changqi, former Deputy Director of Anhui Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee and President of Anhui Enterprise Alliance and Innovation Association; Zhou Benli, former Deputy Director of Standing Committee of Anhui Provincial People’s Congress and President of the Sixth Council of Anhui Provincial Enterprise Federation; Guo Wanqing, former Deputy Director of Anhui Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee; Zhang Yuefeng, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Ma’anshan City; Zuo Jun, Mayor of Ma’anshan City; Liu Peng, Vice President of China Enterprise (Entrepreneur) Confederation; outstanding entrepreneurs and credit enterprises of Anhui Province, and business associate in cities etc.

The Conference was themed on “Showing Outstanding Entrepreneurship and Promoting Positive Energy of Credit Enterprises”; summarized typical cases of outstanding entrepreneurs in Anhui Province; created an atmosphere of public opinion that respected the value of entrepreneurs and encouraged them to innovate and play the role of entrepreneurs; commended and publicized the outstanding contributions made by outstanding entrepreneurs in Anhui Province in promoting the “five major construction projects”; released the Initiative for Promoting Entrepreneurship and Commitment for Credit of Entrepreneurs in Anhui Province; and commended 28 outstanding entrepreneurs and 165 credit enterprises.

Chairman Tai Zhengbiao delivered a keynote speech themed on “Diligent, Persistent, and Ambitious”. His speech fully reflected Taier’s development history through the four stages of “Building Dreams, Pursuing Dreams, Following Dreams, and Future”. He said in his speech that it is necessary to think about the future development from the perspective of the need for a better life in order to realize the Chinese dream and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The entrepreneurs should plan for the future from the perspective of economic and technological development needs, and should contribute to the development of economy and science and technology and to the development of the industry, China and the world through their products, which is the true Chinese entrepreneurial spirit.

Next, Taier will continue to work hard to keep the No.1 brand advantage of existing products in the segment industry, and will build metallurgical intelligent equipment into a world-renowned brand within 5 years. Meanwhile Taier will adhere to good faith and keep promise, strengthen the construction of enterprise credit system, actively fulfill social responsibilities and make positive contributions to social development.


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