Taier’s Participation in the 11th India International 4M Exhibition

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       From Aug 8th, 2016 to Aug 12th, Taier Heavy Industry participated in the 11th India International Exhibition & Conference on Minerals, Metals, Metallurgy & Materials, called MMMM Exhibition for short.

        4M Exhibition is the largest comprehensive exhibition of metallurgy industry in India. From jointly attending to independently attending this exhibition, Taier has made great progress in overseas business, and accumulated considerable business contacts and relationships through exhibitions and customers visiting. During the 4M Exhibition, a lot of steel makers, engineering corporations and trading companies came to visit our booth, communicated product information, and discussed cooperation methods. Taier also used this opportunity to visit the booths of engineering corporations and steel makers, for introducing our products and discussing cooperation intentions. SMS Indian Branch invited Taier to visit their headquarter in New Delhi; and the design department director of TATA Steel invited us to visit TATA Steel Design Institute, and introduce our products.

        As the leading company in the domestic metallurgical universal coupling industry, Taier enhance its international competitiveness and brand influence through attending this exhibition. At the same time, Taier’s market share in southeast Asia also increased significantly. Next step, Taier will follow the overseas business expanding plan, accelerate development pace and make Taier develop steadily in the international market. Finally, as the national brand, Taier’s will achieve a qualitative leap in the international market, and develop itself into “International Taier”, “Century Taier”.

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