Taier Heavy Industry Hosted and Drafted 4 Industry Standards Independently

Clisks:890 UpdateTime:2015-8-28 14:32:44

    Recently, ministry of national industry and information technology approved and issued a series of industry standards, including 15 metallurgic and equipment standards, which was published by China Machine Press. 4 out of the 15 metallurgical standards were drafted independently by Taier Heavy Industry.
    The participation of drafting state and industry standards is not the first time for Taier. Up to now, Taier has finished 11 state or industry standards.
    The issue of the standards this time has made up the blank for the industry, which changed the situation that some of the couplings has no standards. It is also one step further in solidifying the leading position of Taier in metallurgical universal shafts, which also marks the improvement in our technology and innovation. The commanding position in technology is very beneficial for us to get the new chances in the market. Next step, Taier will continuously stick to the the strategy of standards and being a good example for the industry, leading the improvement of the industry.



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