2015 Annual Supplier Meeting was Held in Taier Heavy Industry

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    Taier Heavy Industry 2015 Supplier Meeting was held in the functional report hall successfully, attended by 63 supplier representatives together with Taier president Taizhengbiao, General Management Team, quality consultant Ulrich and quality management dept. head Geyanfei. The meeting was hosted by purchasing dept. head Sunwei.
    The work for 2014 was summarized and the work for 2015 was arranged in the meeting. 15 excellent suppliers was selected after evaluation and president Taizhengbiao gave the awards to the excellent suppliers for their support and cooperation in the past year.
    3 excellent supplier representatives also shared their experience in carrying out some of Taier’s policies in supplier management, like supplier working platform innovation, the signing of strategic cooperation agreement and performance evaluation management. They also introduced the big progress they made in plan management, delivery and quality aspects.
    Quality consultant Ulrih said, the general quality target is “ 100% inspection, 100% record, 100% qualified, 100% traceability, which means establishing employees’ operating standards, quality inspection standards to change the old management concept of the inspectors on quality control, carrying out the TQC based on process, to gradually realize the target of 0 failure. Taier Heavy Industry’s quality target needs all the suppliers’ joint effort and we need to establish a mutual communication platform and cooperation relationship based on honesty and openness.
    President Taizhengbiao held a serious speech. Mr.Tai said that under the current economic situations, the industry, market and customer’s demand is declining, which presents us with higher requirements on quality, delivery and cost control. All of these aspects involves design standards, products, components, logistics and warehouse, position workload, operating process and so on. A win-win supply-chain with the same ideas is our mutual goal we are working for.
    In 2015, Taier will develop its own management mode, focus on transformation and oversea market development. For the new year, Taier will establish one and prepare one maintenance and shop to perfect customer files. Taier is also working on wise-equipment, management informatization to be a turnkey supplier in metallurgy industry to finally step into the era of Industry 4.0. In the future, Taier will continuously stick to the value of “to treat our customer and employees as basis, to feel responsible for the society and shareholders” and the managing concept of “to manage the enterprise with precision and diligence, to pursue excellence” to finally achieve “ International Taier” and “ Century Taier”.

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