The Opening of 2015 Annual Economy Meeting
A Year of Transformation Development

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    Taier 2015 annual economy meeting was held successfully on the 6th and 7th in Feb, attended by all the mid and top management.
    President Taizhengbiao did the company’s 2015 annual work report first. The report reviewed the work in 2014, mainly about indexes, key management work, achievements, company advantages, main problem and  root cause analysis. The report also analyzed the current economy situations and challenges we would face in 2015 and future. Company basic policies, guiding ideology, work targets and arrangements for the new year were highlighted.
    It was shown that in 2014, Taier Heavy Industry basically fulfilled the indexes and targets set in the beginning of the year. 2014 also witnessed great breakthroughs in strategic and management reform. There was also improvement and innovation in marketing, new product development, technology, HR, financial control, quality control, brand management, enterprise culture and party union work. Business was stable and increased a little, marketing system was perfected, industry chain was formed for the 1st step and employees had lean management concept, which all together stabilized our position of the leading enterprise in the industry. A new year just started, sticking to the annual policy of “increase efficiency by precise and detailed management, become an international brand by sustained transformation development” and the core of “reduce cost,improve quality and efficiency”,Taier Heavy Industry will stress the work of technical and management innovation to establish Taier style control mode and form Taier style value and culture. Taier will fully push the cross-industry transformation and intelligent development.
    After president report, BUs, functional centers and department heads did their work report one by one.
    In the section of discussion, participants were arranged into 8 small teams to discuss and analyze company and department work report. Everybody expressed their own understanding and expectation for 2015.
    President Taizhengbiao did the conclusion, “after hard work comes the reward”. At this time of the year, everything comes to life again. The diligent Taier people already made a firm stamp in the history of 2014. Accumulating steadily, Taier will shoulder the dream and expectation of over 900 people, work harder for a transformation year 2015 and always keep in mind their mission of becoming “International Taier” and “Century Taier”. We know our way ahead is long and difficult. The responsibility on our shoulder is heavy.  So we need to be more united to realize our transformation development and play a role in the international market.

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