President Taizhengbiao of Taier was Elected as Vice President of “Anhui Charity and Social Welfare Association”

Clisks:955 UpdateTime:2015-2-4 8:58:22

    The fourth member representative meeting of Anhui charity association was held in Hefei. In the meeting, the work performance of the third council was reported. The suggestion of renaming Anhui Charity Association as Anhui Charity and Social Welfare Association. President Taizhengbiao of Taier Heavy Industry was elected as vice president of “Anhui Charity and Social Welfare Association”.
    As representative of Anhui private owned enterprise, Mr.Tai was devoted to social welfare. He assumes social responsibility and obligations bravely. He supports “ One Day Charity”, social difficulty crowd and public education. Taier Heavy Industry won “Charity Donation Model Enterprise”, “Bright Star”, “National May 1st Labor Award”. Mr.Tai expressed that our road of charity will become wider on the platform of “Anhui Charity and Social Welfare Association”. Under the guidance of the targets to become “ International Taier”, “Century Taier”, Taier Heavy Industry feel responsible for the social welfare and will push the social welfare continuously.

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