President Taizhengbiao was Honored as “Maanshan Advanced Scientific Worker”

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    Recently Taier Heavy Industry President Taizhengbiao was honored “Maanshan Advanced Scientific Worker in 2012-2014”. This honor was issued by the City Association of Old Scientific Workers” to aim at awarding the scientific workers in Maanshan City who have contributed a lot to the development of economy, science and society.
    Mr. Tai always supports and pays much attention to scientific and innovative work in which we made outstanding achievement. Taier Heavy Industry is the vice-president enterprise for China Machinery General Parts in Industry Association, president enterprise for Transmission Branch Association, and the vice-president enterprise for the Branch Association of China Steel Metallurgy Industry. Taier hosted and drafted a lot of state and industry product standards. Taier has built the technical research system combined with state level post-doctoral workstation and Anhui Transmission Engineering Technology Center. Altogether Taier has 31 patents, including 6 patents of invention.
    With this special honor won, Mr. Tai expressed that we will play a dominant role to work harder to be devoted to the mission of “ In Transmission World, We Build our Future with Intelligence”. For the new beginning, Taier will play a leading role in the industry and make further progress to push Maanshan economy development.



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