Improvement of 5S Work in Taier Functional Departments

Clisks:904 UpdateTime:2014-12-31 8:42:47

      The checking result of Admin. and Lean Production Office on 30th. Dec. shows that there is great improvement in 5S work in all the functional departments. The 5S targets and requirements are basically achieved. Now all the offices look in clean order.
      The 5S work in functional departments is a company wide work driven by Admin. Department, which is aimed at implementing 5S management work in all of the functional departments within 2 months, to finally realize standard office and management. Every department did the 2nd S improvement with the guidance of 5S dedicated clerk, ie, check all the work place and mark all the belongings; second, make the standard of how to sort out all the department belongings according to their frequency of being used, and sort out all of the unnecessary items and mark them in uniform.
      5S in functional departments is a kind of work that all employees should involve themselves in and keep it as daily business. After the previous sorting out, some improvement has been achieved. For the following work, Admin. department will do the random checking. On the basis of keeping the improvement, we should also exert every employee’s potential to create a pleasant and creative environment of the office and to improve the company’s culture.



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