Taier Heavy Industry was Certified as National Enterprise Technology Center

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      It is announced officially by the PRC  National Development and Reform Commission, PRC Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC Ministry of Finance, PRC Custom Head Office and State Taxation Administration together that Taier Heavy Industry’s Technology Center is certified as 21st batch of National Enterprise Technology Center in 2014.
      The certificate got this time marks that Taier’s scientific innovative research ability reaches a new level, which is another important millstone for the development of the company. Taier always pays special attention to the scientific innovative research work to push the development of the enterprise. We hosted and drafted a lot of state and industry product standards. We built the technical research system combined with state level post-doctoral workstation and Anhui Transmission Engineering Technology Center. We have altogether 31 patents, including 6 patents of invention. Taier is also the vice-president enterprise for China Machinery General Parts in Industry Association, president enterprise for Transmission Branch Association, and the vice-president enterprise for the Branch Association of China Steel Metallurgy Industry. 
      After the certification of National Enterprise Technology Center, Taier is going to enjoy preferential polices on tax of imported goods for the use of scientific research. We can also apply for more support and subsidies from the local government according to some related polices.
      In the future, the company will take more forceful corrective actions from organization, running mechanism, investment, talent development, university & industry cooperation and other aspects. We will intensify the building of our technology center and will play a positive leading role for the technical improvement, transform and updating in the industry. Taier will push the industry intelligence and the internationalization to finally make a great leap of China Brand on the international platform.

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