Taier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is honored as “Key High-Tech Enterprise in State Torque Plan”

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    Recently, after strict evaluation according to Management Measures of Key High-Tech Enterprise in State Torque Plan , Taier Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd is approved and honored by the Ministry of Science and Technology as “Key High-Tech Enterprise in State Torque Plan”.
    China state Torque Plan is for guide and support some selected key high-tech enterprises with development characteristics by all possible social resources, utilize and improve these enterprises in innovation and other abilities, to help them adjust the industrial structure, development thinking, and become the leading force of Chinese high and new technology enterprises.
    Taier Heavy Industry is the key enterprise in Power and Transmission industry, honored as Anhui high-tech enterprise and Anhui innovative enterprise, which hosted and drafted several industrial standards. Taier Heavy Industry is a China famous brand company, which established a technical research system of state-level post-doctoral research station and Anhui Power & Transmission Machinery Engineer Technical Center. The honor of “Key High-Tech Enterprise in State Torque Plan” shows our technical research and innovation are fully affirmed by the the Ministry of Science and Technology, and we are capable to undertake more state-level scientific research projects. On the innovation platform of “Torque Plan”, Taier will continuously improve its research and innovation ability, to be a good example in transmission industry field. Try to push our industrial development, and live up our mission of “ In Power and Transmission World, Build our Future with Intelligence”.


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