President Taizhengbiao was Hired as Part-time  Tutor for Masters in Nanjing University

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    President Taizhengbiao was hired as part-time tutor for Nanjing University MBA students. He will be responsible for the teaching in MBA major and the guiding in MBA thesis.
    Taier Heavy Industry always stresses the cooperation with universities and established good cooperation relationship with universities like “Shanghai University of Transportation”, “Beijing University of Science and Technology”, “Hefei University of Technology”, “Chongqing University”, “Anhui University of Technology”. By this kind of cooperation, we bring a lot of talents to serve for the development of the enterprise and create a lot of value for the society.
    As for the cooperation with Nanjing University, Mr. Tai expressed that he would pass his experience to Nanjing University students, after many years of management and practice, which provides a good platform for the research of university topics and the development of advanced talents. With the combination of theory and practice, the students will have a better understanding of the knowledge in the book and will develop themselves further in different aspects.


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