Taier Heavy Industry joined in CFHI Testing Center

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      Taier Heavy Industry signed the contract to join officially in CFHI Testing Center on Nov.21st.
      CFHI testing center belongs to China First Heavy Industry Group. It is a state level testing center certified by the state lab committee, which shoulders the production and research testing task of nuclear power, petrochemical and civilian consumer goods. It is also a comprehensive testing center majoring in the testing of strength, metallurgic structure, chemical analysis for metallurgical products, materials and welding parts. CFHI is also capable of the comprehensive analyzing from physical to chemical, and from macro to micro. The testing standards involves ASTM standard, State Standard and customer standard requirements.
      Days before the signing, Taier Heavy Industry Quality Director Ulrich visited the CFHI testing center with a team of six colleagues and communicated with CFHI deeply about the cooperation.
      After the “joining in”, we can use CFHI’s brand and qualification to gain and serve more testing business. It is another big milestone for Taier’s internationalization. CFHI will provide us with more systematic and comprehensive training about testing and testing management system. We will learn more advanced and scientific testing methods to provide more accurate data support for our new product development. We will make use of the knowledge learned to establish Taier’s testing center. The “joining in” activity, together with our “Comprehensive Testing Platform of Coupling Products” will improve our testing and quality control ability, and will develop a quality management team which is internationally competitive. Finally, our testing center will become an industrial testing center to serve the whole machinery industry, which will be another big step for achieving the commission “In Transmission World, We Build our Future with Intelligence”.



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