Two Products of Taier were Certified as Anhui High and New Technology Product for 2014

Clisks:965 UpdateTime:2014-11-19 11:51:02

        Two products“GSL gear coupling” and “high-speed & no shaking automobile shaft”passed the provincial certification to be the high and new technology product. Altogether the company has 7 provincial high and new technology products so far.
        High and new technology products refers to the innovated products that conforms to the state and provincial high and new technology key ranges, technical field and product reference content, which has a very high technology content, good economic benefits and wide market prospect.
        The company has always attached great importance to the research work on products. We established post doctoral workstation and cooperated with several scientific research colleges to make technical breakthroughs, which brought in a lot of scientific and innovative results.Getting the certificate again this time is another reputation for the scientific results and new innovation ability.

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