Successful Cooperation Starts For Taier 2150-HSM Reinforced Mandrel with An Steel A New Stage For Reinforced Mandrel Market

Clisks:1037 UpdateTime:2014-10-17 9:25:09

  Taier Heavy Industry attended the bidding invited by Anshan Steel Co.,Ltd ( herein referred to as “An Steel”) for 2150 reinforced mandrel project. Taier Heavy Industry was very honored to win the bidding. The purchasing order was signed with An Steel on 14th Oct, which was a successful beginning for this cooperation.
   Reinforced mandrel for special application is a new breakthrough in our technical research & development work, which is a “upgrading” for our common precise mandrel. There are much higher requirements for reinforced mandrels than common precise mandrels in technology, process, machining, and assembly.
   The cooperation this time has a profound impact on the fulfillment of company strategic targets, market development as well as the upgrading on technical research. First, the reinforced mandrel project conforms to the strategic location of “ Metallurgical Equipment” products, which is also beneficial for the fulfillment of our strategic target “ to be the turnkey supplier of metallurgical equipment” . Second, our market competition ability has been improved. The successful cooperation with An steel is also a credit given by the market. It is also the first step for our reinforced mandrel to enter into the large-scale steel companies and to become the substitute for imported products.
    In the future, our company will pay more attention to the technical research and market promotion work. We will continue to seek for new partners to cooperate and try to create a new economic growth point.

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