Taier QCC 1st Phase Tuition Ended Successfully

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  3-day-tuition of QCC 1st phase ended successfully on 24th. Sept. The tuition was carried out mainly through QCC theory training and hands-on practice. By self and mutual inspiration, combination of QCC tools, methods and daily work, continuous improvement of thinking and management were achieved. The 1st phase tuition was directed by MICI consultant Mr.Hua, attended by the company’s mid-management and top management, QCC team members and so on. Altogether 50 people attended the full-time training.
  In the theoretic training, Mr.Hua started with the topic of “Improvement Pushes the Upgrading of Management”, explained from the purpose of the activity and shared experience with us about strategies and focuses. Everyone learned that “ we should start from concept to methods, from complex to simple, from knowledge to wisdom, from regulation to participation”. We should build brand-new thinking mode, form a different conduct and habit. We should also start changing the thoughts and awareness of the management and attach importance to the guiding and process itself. Finally to achieve the purpose of QCC activity fully and to push the upgrading of management effectively by the improvement of system, employees, performance evaluation and culture.
   During the practice, Mr. Hua teaches by integrate tuition and oriented guiding. Each team starts from discussion, answering questions raised by judges, team leader’s explanation and ends with summary report. Every team members understand and learned a lot about QCC. They also know to acquire knowledge from discussion and to realize the benefits for learning QCC. The training was carried out very lively and the discussion was very to the point. Everybody got the confidence and intention to study QCC well and to utilize it into daily work.
   President Mr.Tai also takes this activity very seriously. Mr.Tai said that, QCC is not only to grasp QC tools and methods, but also to form a good thinking and working habit to enhance our daily management level and contribute to the positive development of the company. Only by hardworking and thinking, grasping right methods can the company run for a long time. No matter it is good or bad method, there will always be some result, but the result from bad method mustn’t be satisfactory. Good result only comes from good methods. QCC activity is an effective method suitable for the development of our company from long time exploring. Every employee should pay attention to this activity. All employees should involve themselves, study hard and respect the methods, values, conducts taught by the teacher. It is more important to transfer them into the methods, conducts and habits which is beneficial for our own work. At last, Mr.Tai hopes that everyone can gain something form this activity and become a success for their own career, a beneficial person for the company and the country. Only after the person himself becomes powerful, there is the opportunity for the company and the country to become powerful.

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