Seminar about Smart Devices was Held To Seek for New Opportunities to Cooperate with University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB)

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   Professor .Yanxiaoqiang, Vice-President of engineering research institute of USTB, attended the seminar about cooperation, held in our company on 19th, Sept.The mission and strategic planning of our company "In transmission world, we build our future with intelligence" ,is closely reflected by the meeting. It is an important measure for both sides to seek for new cooperation in smart manufacturing.
   In the meeting, Professor Yanxiaoqiang, introduced in detail about the smart technology, products and patents that USTB has. Their vision for industrialization of some of their smart technology conforms to our company’s vision "Strive to be a world class supplier of turnkey solution for power transmission and intelligent equipment ". It also conforms to our product positioning in the market "metallurgical equipment, transmission machinery, intelligent manufacturing". On this basis, both sides exchanged deeply their thoughts for the cooperation in next step.
The successful opening of the seminar is a second time upgrading after the 1st time successful cooperation with USTB. Early in 2013, our company signed a technology development contract with USTB to develop the on-line monitoring smart system for large-scare mill universal shafts. The system can capture the actual conditions during operation like actual torque loaded,bending moment, impact load in shaft direction, to provide the reference load for theoretic research and simulated analysis. At the same time, a lot of signals collected at different time and from different place needs to be analyzed, by monitoring the process parameters, force parameters, electricity parameters in mill processes. The dynamic characteristics acquired can be the scientific basis for theoretic research and reform on transmission system.
    This seminar is a good opportunity for both sides to deepen the mutual understanding and a solid foundation for the cooperation work on the upgrading of smart products in next step.

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