Steadily Deepening the International Market  Promote the Global Strategic Cooperation

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     In order to strengthen international communication and exchanges, to deepen our understanding of Southeast Asian and European markets and to further expand our international influence, a team, Led by company Chairman TaiZhengbiao finished their investigation on India and Turkey market in early September 2014. This investigation journey is a big harvest through attending the exhibition in both countries, visiting the customers,investigating the markets, multiple communication and so on.
      The international exhibition, was held in New Delhi and Istanbul. Our company, manufacturing universal shaft, couplings, shear blade, sliding plate, mandrel, compactor and other products, caused a huge sensation. The local steel company, milling plants, dealers and other agencies showed a very high interest in Taier products. We already talked deeply with 33 potential customers, and will start to talk about cooperation in the next step.. 
      During the market investigation and our visit to our customers, they spoke highly of Taier brand, and also said that Taier products are reliable and worth recommending. The customers also expected, that our company would pay more attention to after -
sales - service and promotion policies, to make Taier products beneficial for the whole world. 
      In recent years, India and Turkey are keeping a strong growth momentum in the steel industry. Our company is keeping pace with the market, stabilizing and deepening the Asian southeast market, and is deepening  European and American markets, with the guidance of the marketing strategies, to gain a larger share in international market. In the future, our company will continue to stick to the mission of “In transmission world, we build our future with intelligence”, to make the double improvement of domestic and international market become true. We will speed up the process and progress of our global strategy. With partners to cooperate, the company will become  the “International Taier Century Group” and expect success in emerging markets. 



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