Opening Meeting of Quality Month in Taier was Held Successfully

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    In order to improve the quality awareness of all the employees, to increase both the product quality and the management quality, and also to respond positively to the state theme of quality month: to push three transform, to build a powerful quality country. On 1st Sept., host by quality management department’s head Dixiaoyan, the opening meeting of quality month was held in multi-functional hall in Taier Heavy Industry. More than 60 persons attended the meeting, include the mid and top management, QCC team member and so on.
    In the meeting, Quality Director Ulrich explained vividly the current status of our quality and also the direction of our development in future by using the pictures of the four seasons. Quality management department head Dixiaoyan announced the theme, time, range, content and the organization chart of this activity. Then General Management Team, BU representative made the speech and expressed the requirement for the activity and implementation plans.
    At last, president Taizhengbiao made the conclusive speech. Mr.Tai analyzed the necessity of quality month activity and implementation requirements in details, starting from learning the situation and circumstance, and ourselves. Mr.Tai addressed that the quality month was starting, but but would never end. It is a long-term project which needs our hardworking, which would be one of our daily businesses to sustain.
    Quality improvement work is a tough and long task, which means profound responsibility and far-reaching meaning. We will take this opportunity of “Quality Month Activity” to make quality improvement as one of our daily businesses. Everyone should be strict and confident to work together as a team to provide sustained support for the long-term development of Taier Heavy Industry. To make every effort to push the “three transform” and build a powerful quality country, to make Taier Brand a word-class brand in international market.


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