Taier’s 2nd Stage Lean Start Conference Successfully held

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    Taier’s 2nd Stage Lean Start Conference Successfully held in multi-functional hall on Aug.12th. Attended by members of company president Mr. Tai Zhengbiao, senior staffs, improve project team,employee representative, and the MICI Lean Production Consultants Team invited.
    2nd Stage Lean Start Conference marks that lean production project enters  the deepening stage. Compared with 1st stage, 2nd stage lean production project is wider, deeper and harder. The main content is deepening all the aspects of the 1st stage in pilot Business Unit (abbreviated to BU), and copy for the other BUs.
    In the meeting, MICI project manager Mr. Xu Jiehua, lean production director Ms. Feng Chunlan, the manager of the BU which is responsible for the deepening of the 1st stage project and the representative of the BUs which would copy the 1st stage, made their speeches. They made a summary of what they had achieved in the 1st stage, put forward their expectation and expressed their confidence for 2nd stage.The representative of General Management Team,Mr. Huang Dongbao put forward the detailed requirements for the implementation of 2nd stage.
    Group leader of the lean production project and president Mr. Tai Zhengbiao made the conclusive speech. Mr.Tai first thanked the consulting team of MICI for their joining and guidance on site. He gave credit for the achievement of 1st stage project. Mr.Tai said,in recent years, the macroeconomic situation has undergone great changes. The competition in international and domestic markets shifted from  extensive to intensive style, and intelligence and informatization represented higher requirement in our management. At the same time, market presented higher requirement on products and service. And the international,branded customers we have is increasing gradually. During the cooperation with world-famous brand Danieli and Siemens VAI, we can find some gaps between us, and we need to put more effort to improve and innovate. In order to adapt to the changes in economic and industrial situations, to gain greater development, our company must have a reform.
    Mr.Tai stressed that lean production project was the first step of management reform.It is a point of penetration to develop taier style, one of the core themes of the company’s 3 years strategic planning, and the key strategic decision made for the company. It is also the key action taken to implement and achieve strategic target of “Global Market, International Brand”. We hereby should welcome the reform in a positive and inclusive mind, strengthen communication and cooperation, regard  the problems as opportunities. We should learn clearly what is our problems, have one mind and the same targets, be responsible for what we do and overcome every obstacle to forge forward and make breakthroughs. We need to break away from convention, stick to the truth, dare to innovate and make breakthroughs. Only in this way can we achieve real reform.
    At the end of the meeting, responsible persons of the pushing team and the lean production office signed the liability form and pictures for memory were taken.

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