Wang Cuifeng, the deputy governor of Anhui Province, visits Taier for investigation and research

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On the morning of December 27, Wang Cuifeng, the deputy governor of Anhui Province, and her delegation visited Taier for investigation and research, with the participation of Zheng Xunlian, the deputy secretary general of the provincial government, and Zhang Guodong, the dean of Anhui Communications Vocational & Technical College, accompanied by the municipal leaders Zuo Jun and Li Qiang, as well as Chen Yonghong, the secretary general of the municipal government.

Wang Cuifeng and her delegation, accompanied by Tai Zhengbiao, Hao Rongliang, Liu Guihua, Dong Wenkui, etc., also visited the Conventional Coupling Division, the Mandrel Division, as well as the testing room and the test bench of Taier. 

Wang Cuifeng and her delegation took a group photo with Tai Zhengbiao in front of Asia’s largest static load test bench


▲Wang Cuifeng was communicating with Tai Zhengbiao

During the visit, Wang Cuifeng listened to the introduction made by Chairman Tai Zhengbiao about Taier’s strategic planning, production and operation, technology research and development, and challenges in development, etc. She stressed that recently Anhui Province had issued 30 policies to promote the development of the private economy, and enterprises should actively declare and fully enjoy the policy dividends based on the standards.

Wang Cuifeng hoped that Taier would strengthen cooperation with universities and institutions in technology research & development and talent training, aim at industry 4.0 to accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading, make efforts to create top brands and really develop from a “little giant” into a giant.

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