Taier Attends the 2018 Russian Metallurgical Industry Exhibition

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In November, Peng Yao, deputy general manager of company, and his delegation attended the 2018 Russian Metallurgical Industry Exhibition in the All-Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow. At present, it is the largest comprehensive metallurgical exhibition in Russia, which is held once a year, and its scale continues to expand each year. This exhibition has attracted more than 530 exhibitors from 35 countries around the world, as well as more than 30,000 visitors.

 The All-Russian Exhibition Center

Taier debuted at this exhibition and mainly exhibited its transmission products, packaging products and coiling products, which attracted the attention of a large number of professionals and end users. During the exhibition, the representatives of Danieli Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. to Russia came to the Taier’s booth twice to communicate with our representatives in various areas of cooperation.

Taier attended the 2018 Russian Metallurgical Industry Exhibition

During their stay in Russia, Peng Yao and his delegation held a business conference with the procurement director and the tendering director of MMK, and visited MMK’s headquarters and wide-plate hot rolling in Magnitogorsk, which lays the foundation for future cooperation. In addition, the procurement director and the technical director of SeverStal also held a discussion with Peng Yao and his delegation. This exhibition has allowed Taier and Taier’s products to be known by more Eastern European companies, and is also a solid progress for Taier’s products to go around the world.

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