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    Located in Maanshan National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Taier Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Taier Heavy Industry”.”The Company”) was founded in 2001, with a registered capital of 187.20 million yuan and an area of 220 thousand square meters. The Company majors in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and service of industrial universal shaft, gear coupling, shear blade, sliding plate, mandrel, compactor, automobile-transmission shaft,automobile spare parts and so on. In the spirit of “ to manage the enterprise with precision and diligence, to achieve excellence”, Taier has made great-leap-forward development come true by rapid growth and accumulation, and became a listed company in 2010, which has made Taier a leading enterprise of universal couplings in metallurgy industry.
     Taier is committed to providing high-quality products and service, and turnkey solution for industries like metallurgy, nonferrous metals, wind power, hoisting, cement, mining, electricity, paper making and other industries. The Company highlights quality control of technology development, and has formed its own technical standard. The Company host and drafted 10 standards, including 2 national standards and 8 industrial standards; took part in drafting 5 standards, including 3 national standards and 2 industrial standards. The Company has built a National Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation and Anhui Transmission Machinery Engineering & Technological Center, which together forms the technological and development system. The Company so far has 31 patents, 6 of them are invention patents.
    “Taier” trademark was honored as Anhui famous trademark in 2005, and was recertified in 2010. In 2010, “ Taier” brand universal shaft was honored as Anhui famous brand. In 2012, “Taier ” brand coupling was honored as Anhui famous brand. In February 2014,  “冠军国际cmpTAIER及图” trademark was named China Well-known Trademark by Trademark Bureau of China’s Administration for Industry and commerce, and Trademark Appraisal Committee.
    “Interleaved cross universal shaft for the rolling end of medium and wide plate mill”, “Heavy-load drum-gear connecting shaft for TJGZ hot finish mill group”of the Company got the Provincial Progress Award of Science and Technology in 2008 and in 2009; “ Interleaved cross universal shaft for the rolling end of medium and wide plate mill”, “Heavy-load drum-gear connecting shaft for TJGZ hot finish mill group”, “cold mill main-transmission cross universal coupling” were certified as National Key New Product. “The research and industrialization of cold mill main-transmission cross universal coupling”was listed as National Torch Project for 2013.
The company has established the sales service network based on the concept of 4S, sticks to the business philosophy of “market-oriented, customer-centered, quality-based, credit-guaranteed” management, advocates the service concept of “customer priority, limitless service”and emphasizes the service for customers. Currently, the company has already formed a three-dimensional customer resources and markets. The first type of customers are large steel enterprises, the second type of customers are equipment manufacturing enterprises, the third type of customers are professional design institutes. The sales network spreads all over China. At the same time, the Company is actively opening international market by design institutes, engineering projects of equipment manufacturing enterprises, and agents. The products are exported to countries like Germany, France, America, Spain, New Zealand, Malaysia and so on. The Company also signed strategic cooperation agreement with many important enterprises like China First Heavy, Shougang Group, Huatian MCC, Danieli and so on.
    In enterprise management, the company has formed the culture featuring core values, and established modernized control system.
The Company has the honor to be the vice-chairman of China Universal Mechanical Parts Industrial Association, chairman of Transmission Coupling Association, the working-committee of  Metallurgical Equipment of China Iron & Steel Association, the vice-working-committee of the Heavy Basic Parts Branch of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, and a member of National Steel Information Network. 
    Looking into the future, Taier Heavy Industry is shouldering heavy responsibility and has a long way to go. The company will stick to the developing direction of “Transmission Machinery, Metallurgy Equipment, Intelligent Equipment” industry, the strategy goal of “Global Market, International Brand, Group Management, Information Operation”, and the value of “treat customers and employees as fundamental, shoulder the responsibility of society and shareholders”. In the spirit of “to manage the enterprise with precision and diligence, to achieve excellence”, the company will continuously make progress and innovation to develop itself into “International Taier”,“Century Taier”.

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